COLOUR: the real decoration

The Colour project starts from the desire by Sestriere Vernici to communicate its passion for own work, a passion that reaches its climax only when customers builds the environment of their dreams through colours.

The Wall: the attractive colour

The Wall is an interactive exhibition guiding customers toward the choice of colours through the 6 typical environment of the Glamour collection.

The Wall enables one to realistically imagine the finished work by avoiding unpleasant or disappointing results. By observing the real colours, The Wall enables a fast and emotional choice, where people meet their personal tastes without filters or conditioning.

By using the removable painted plates colours can be easily and immediately matched in a dedicated space, by also using the selection of environmentally-friendly enamels of the D’ecó lines which are exhibited in The Wall. The multi-faceted plates also enables one to assess the change of tone of a single colour according to the incidence and type of light.

The Wall finally overcomes the problem of colour selectors that are printed with too many colours separate between each other, which made it difficult to properly perceive the paint (with the final results often being very different to what was expected). With The Wall also the paint tests on the walls and the expensive samplings are no longer necessary.

The Brochure Glamour is a guide to the matching of personal colours to risky or colour-scale solutions, and a prompt and harmonious selection of whites and neutral colours.

Thanks to Sestriere you can see and touch the finishing of our most prestigious products in their colours, appreciate the intense opacity of the washable velvet-like paint Glamour which makes the decoration easy also with strong colours, as well as redefine doors and accessories with D’ecó, which is the first Italian environmentally-friendly enamel with water-based urethane resin in the opaque/satin and crystal-clear finishing.

Furthermore, for the avoidance of doubts in the choice, The Wall free-of-charge Colour Cards enables people to bring along their favourite colours to see matches on site or personally consult with architects, relatives and friends.

The Glamour collection is available upon request also in selector’s format, and it is dedicated to colour’s professionals, technical studios and decorators.

ABITA: trendy colours at your fingertips

ABITA is a pocket colour card, easy to be consulted thanks to its folding which allows the creation of perfect harmonies by observing single or matching colour selections.

The colour card shows the new trendy colours updated every year and becomes a dynamic tool, rich with personality and candour. Therefore ABITA offers continuously up-to-date products in line with the new trends.

The other news is that the ABITA colour card is not just in pocket format but also presents itself in a much larger format, above all unique in the field, to better choose the colours inside the sale point.

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