Sestriere tintometric coating system:
specific in its colour chart,
easy to use and profitable in its management

Sestriere Vernici has always been one of the best specialists in the field of solvent and water based concentrated pigmented pastes for tintometric coating systems. The company carried out on its own account the relevant management and formulation software: Sestriere Sfera and Sestriere Sfera Match Color.

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This technological advantage results in a wide range of benefits for customers and actual earnings for resale:

  • High pigment concentration pastes, i.e. with high coverage and strong colouring power.

  • High number of paintable products.

  • Best customer service thanks to the possibility of meeting the most varying needs with a wide range of offers, both in the water and solvent tintometric coating system.

  • Only one neutral base by which all average and strong solvent and water paints will be carried out, and only one Bianco Vendita for the products of the Building line for all tenuous colours. This results in a low inventory and low value of capital assets.

  • 16 solvent pastes & 16 water pastes to carry out over 100,000 colour references.

  • Paint repeatability ensured over time, thanks to the constant manufacturing and strict tests on incoming raw materials and during the entire manufacturing process.

  • Top quality and performance of the finished products with pastes and converters self-manufactured by Sestriere, which are perfectly compatible between each other.

  • Possibility of using an automatic dispenser for the single system of both systems, water and solvent: this is a practical and logistic advantage resulting in a significant money and space saving, without any functionality compromises.

Our tintometric software



Everything revolves around Sfera

With Sfera, resellers become main characters of a new way of selling colours, where sight and emotion play have a fundamental role:

Database with over 10,000 references, with around 350,000 formulas developed on Sestriere colour charts, international colour charts and colour charts from the leading competing companies.

Easy and intuitive to use.

Excellent management of personal formulas.

Updated statistics on consumptions.

Maintenance and support (software and hardware), online updates.

Interactivity thanks to the internet connection.

Possibility of independent printing on all of the technical documents.

Colour display on pre-loaded environments.

The following services are also available


Web App to manage the Sfera software from any supports.

Bar codes on labels

Formulation reference.

QRCode on labels

Technical data sheet visualisation.


Possibility of interacting between users and directly with the company.

The software Sfera Sestriere is compatible with all electronic devices of the leading companies on the market, which are highly reliable and have been tested over the years

Sfera Match Color Sestriere

Sfera Match Color Sestriere is a colour matching software for the elaboration of tailor-made formulae based on a brand new calculation engine, which is developed both on-site and off-site by Sestriere Vernici for colour formulation.

With Sfera Match Color Sestriere resellers become main characters of a new way of selling colours, by offering customers any possible shades, which draw inspiration from the most well-known and fashionable interior design styles.

Therefore only Sfera Match Color Sestriere your work is enhanced by new and real business opportunities, giving you the chance to work with autonomy, speed and precision, by retaining and increasing your customers.

Sfera Match Color Sestriere has the following advantages:

your work is enhanced by new and real business opportunities, giving you the chance to work with autonomy, speed and precision, by retaining and increasing your customers.

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  • Possibility to formulate the same paint with all Sestriere’s tintometric products.

  • Possibility to carry out over 4.5 million possible formulations, being loaded by International and competitor’s references, in addition to references read with a tool named spectrophotometer (a tool to read colours).

  • Facility of use, with an “all in one” screen to keep all functions under control.

  • Paint reliability with information on all colours (costs-DE-coverage.metamerism).

  • Database, being continuously updated, with over 100,000 international standard colours and competing companies which can be formulated in the entire colour chart. Two versions are available:
    - Version with guided formulation (wizard) to obtain the best formula.
    - Advanced version (professional), for the most experienced users, to manually act on colour’s formulations by applying technical choices and pigment’s selection.

  • Assistance and only updates with real time replies, thanks to dedicated internal resources.

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